I'm working in Geometry Generator trying to produce a line from a point in an x,y direction with a specific length of 50m. I have the direction and line but I can't figure out how to specify the length.

make_line($geometry,make_point(x($geometry)+ "A-R-Xvalue",y($geometry)+ "A-R-Yvalue"))

Field example enter image description here


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Given a your layer is in a projected (metric) CRS, this should do it:


Since I dont know what your field contains you may need to adjust the content of atan2(). It expects atan2(dy: y coordinate difference,dx: x coordinate difference). In pseudocode:

deltaX = x2 - x1
deltaY = y2 - y1
radians = atan2(deltaY, deltaX)
projectedpoint = project(startpoint,distance,radians)
line = make_line(startpoint,projectedpoint)
  • Thank you. It somewhat works for me. The line direction is off but it might have to do with my fields. I added an example to the question. My CRS is in a metric projection.
    – brink
    Mar 10, 2022 at 22:45
  • I also have the x,y data in compass degrees.
    – brink
    Mar 10, 2022 at 23:20

Thank you MrXsquared! I poked around a bit more and I worked out a solution.


"Direction" is azimuth in radians clockwise, where 0 corresponds to north

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