I am a fresh to GIS.

In ArcMap 10.3 I can use the Identify tool to check the same pixel in time series, but in ArcGIS Pro when I load several rasters, it can only identify one layer.

What can I do so that I can identify the same pixel in a time series in ArcGIS Pro?

enter image description here

enter image description here


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To help orient ArcMap users to using ArcGIS Pro, Esri has provided FAQ: Is the Identify tool available in ArcGIS Pro? which starts:

By default, there is no Identify tool in ArcGIS Pro. The default tool for all views in ArcGIS Pro is the Explore tool. For more details, refer to ArcGIS Pro Help page, Navigation.

In addition, if another tool is active, selected, or measuring, holding down the 'C' key temporarily activates the Explore tool to easily pan, zoom, or identify, without having to change the tool. Currently, it is not possible to draw a box to identify features with the Explore tool.

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