I need to export a grd raster file into ascii .xyz without nodata values. This is not a problem in itself...I´m using Saga-GIS export grid to xyz module.(ArcGIS 10.01 produces a very strange table of xyz values with lots of fields??)...but the person who wants to use the data would like it without the no-data values. The project area is a state border - so there are always going to be no-data values within the bounding box due to the unregular nature of the border.

The data will be used in WINDPRO (which I do not have so I can´t test it).

  1. is there a way to export a raster without getting no-data values?
  2. Does anyone know windpro, and what could the problem be with no-data values?

thanks for any suggestions,


  • The no-data values were given the value -999 and not actually "no-data" as text. Maybe this is the problem? How would I define the -999 as no-data? Can I do this in SAGA-GIS? – Robert Buckley Nov 29 '12 at 20:46

You can use gdal_translate's -a_nodata flag to give your no data's a value. You're right though, I would think that you would be better off leaving the no data's as no data.

Here's a manual for gdal_translate:

gdal_translate manual

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How about:

sed '/-999$/d' infile.xyz > outfile.xyz 

Awk and Perl would also be possibilities.

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