I have polyline shapefiles with hundreds of line segments - streets, paths, highways. The rules are that a line can be divided only on intersections or when the attributes change. But all of the lines were created by hand by my colleague and there are a lot of mistakes. My main problem is that there are a lot of lines divided unnecessarily. I once found a simple line divided into 14 segments without any reason.

Is there any way how I could merge or at least find all these segments?

Keep in mind that I work with large area and several different layers. (Now I’m just randomly clicking on the lines to see if they’re divided or not which is not a very efficient method)

  • Have you looked at the Unsplit Lines or dissolve tools in ArcGIS? I think one of the ET Geowizards free tools is the export nodes and after doing that you can look at the pseudo nodes.
    – John
    Commented Mar 15, 2022 at 17:05

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Have you tried using Topology to find and resolve these issues to your satisfaction? It can handle features in multiple layers, it just takes more complex rules.

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