Have a table in an ArcGIS Pro layout that is displaying the acreage and percent of total acreage of habitat over a property area. The issue I've come across is that one property is multipart that was next to another property. My workflow wasn't catching the habitat area polygon that stretched over both properties resulting in a mismatch that was showing one class of habitat for each property in the table: enter image description here

As you can see I have the 099-804 'Low' selected and there is no overlap and manually changed everything so that it matched the correct Map Series, but the table is not updating. I have the query set to 'Map Series Rows'.

Can someone explain why the 214-9903 line is still showing up? This map is for 099-804, so my understanding is that every row with 099-804 and only 099-804 should display.

E: I went and got rid of the little portion of 214-9903 and the issue resolve itself. It still doesn't make sense why a polygon with a different unique ID ('applicatio') was showing up since I dont think the table is spatially based but based on attributes.


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