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I am very new to QGIS so please bear with me.

Attached is an image of my QGIS project so far. In this, you have the pinkish points of the "Point_centers" layer and green points labeled "Point_trees" which are tree species that I am interested in. What I want to do is calculate the distance of the Point_centers to all the Point_trees within the 15 meter buffer layer I created. I want it to calculate the distances regardless whether or not the Trees overlap in different buffers.

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To get the distance from the center point to each tree inside the buffer, use this expression:

array_foreach (
    length (
        make_line (

This generates an array of distances from the center to each tree inside the buffer. The get the sum of all distances, enclose the expression in an array_sum() function.

The expression calculates the lengths of the black lines. These lines here are created based on the same expression for visualization purpose: enter image description here


To calculate the distances in a table:

  1. First ensure that your buffers layer and trees layer have a field with a unique identifier. I used tree_id and buffer_id.

  2. Perform a spatial join between the trees and the buffers using a one-to-many join type. This will give you a new points layer where points are duplicated when they are within more than one buffer.

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Tree T23 now appears 3 times, in buffers 2, 3, and 4.

enter image description here

  1. Then use this expression in the Field Calculator on the joined layer:
        centroid(geometry(get_feature(                  -- get the centroid of the buffer that matches the buffer_id of the joined point. 
                              attribute:='buffer_id',   -- 'buffer_id' in single quotes is the field name
                              value:="buffer_id")))     -- "buffer_id" in double quotes is the field value of the current joined point

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Now each tree point has a distance to its corresonding buffer centroid:

enter image description here


enter image description here

(The lines are for visualisation purposes only)


You can use a virtual layer to compute the distance and optionally draw a line to the center point.

Go the the menu layer / add layer / add-edit virtual layer and enter the following query. You can add any field from the point or polygon layer.

select make_line(pt.geometry, st_centroid(poly.geometry)) as geometry, 
       st_distance(pt.geometry, st_centroid(poly.geometry)) as dist
from myPolygonLayer poly
join myPointLayer pt
 on st_intersects(pt.geometry,poly.geometry)

enter image description here

PS: See how accurate is my buffer polygon?! That's why it is usually better NOT to select point within a buffer, but rather to select points within a distance of another point.

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