I have a set of images that were collected with a slantrange multispectral sensor (S3P). To include the radiometric calibration information from the sensor, I use SlantView 2 (Ver. 2.17.4).

I will further process them on Agisoft Metashape.

After importing the images into SlantView, there is an export option. I select Agisoft and this is how the menu of options looks like:

SlantView export options

Then I set the filter has shown below:

SlantView filter options

Once the images have been exported; they are transferred to Metashape.

The problem I have is the images imported do not include any Altitude information.

Imported images information

Anyone has an idea on how to solve this problem?

By the way, when images are imported prior SlantView processing, they include altitude information.

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The solution has been to install an older version SlantView 2 (Ver.

There might be an option on the newest version that I am missing, but I doubt it. Also, the customer service is not the best. I tried many configurations and downgrading has been my solution.

'Write EXIF Tags' option exports the images with referencing information.

Options selected: Options selected

Results after importing images to Agisoft: Images showing Altitude information


SlantView 2 appears to have been made legacy software due to the buyout of SlantView by Hiphen, are you still using SlantView 2 or have you moved to Hiphen's cloverfield solution now?

Regards, Jonathan

  • Hi @Jonathan, thanks for your comment. I was not aware of the company transition. Will definetly give it a try. That being said, I am moving away from SlantRange and using MicaSense for all the upcoming seasons. Commented Jan 25 at 22:20

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