I am currently trying to digitize FEMA flood panels and I was wondering if anyone knows how to duplicate existing polygons within QGIS. Specifically I am trying to have identical rectangular polygons adjacent to this one.

enter image description here

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Slightly misleading title.

But @ahmadhanb is correct, you can create an identical polygon by copying/pasting. However, what you want is an adjacent polygon of the same dimensions (just not the same locations). In which case, I propose two options:

1 - when editing a feature, the ability to move a feature exists. Create the duplicate and then move it. Snapping also exists, which could be helpful.

2 - you can automatically create a grid, under Vector - Research Tools - Create Grid. Experiment with options here to automatically create a grid of polygons adjacent to each other.

A polygon is made up of points, and each point is defined as a location (with a x/y and sometimes z coordinate). A duplicate polygon would be one in the same location, so what you want is a polygon of the same size and orientation.


An option using the Geometry by expression tool:


enter image description here

If you want identical rectangular polygons covering an area, your best bet is probably the Create grid tool. Vector > Research tools > Create grid (or Processing toolbox > Vector Creation > Create Grid). You can set an extent for the grid, and a width and height for the cells.

enter image description here

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