I'm currently attempting to calculate the distances between several thousand region pairs (centroids) along the Roman road network in QGIS. I want to achieve something similar to the "Shortest path(point to point)" but without having to select each region pair manually.

I tried GRASS' v.net.path using this text file for start and endpoint:

1 16.4836006898 47.5131047372 16.7546593978 47.853451577
2 16.4836006898 47.5131047372 16.2549768535 47.1759942488
3 16.4836006898 47.5131047372 14.99757632 48.0531988991
4 16.4836006898 47.5131047372 15.9022880118 47.7980278446
5 16.4836006898 47.5131047372 15.6468742126 48.162827661
6 16.4836006898 47.5131047372 15.3172361365 48.6431581377

but the algorithm always produced an empty layer although I set the maximum distance of coordinates from the network to the maximum.

  • You could run Shortest path(point to point) in batch mode.
    – Babel
    Mar 29, 2022 at 19:02

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For those of you looking for a solution to this problem: I found that the QNEAT3 plugin's OD matrix worked for me.

See the documentation for more details: https://root676.github.io/OdMatrixAlgs.html

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