I have +8 million edge in MapInfo. I want to select character+digit but I can't.

I tried querying as [a-z]+[0-9] but failed to use metacharacters in MapInfo.

"New York 1. Street" is true. "New York1. Street" is false. I want to select this.

How can I reach the solution?

  • What exact query are you using and from where/what dialog? Mar 30, 2022 at 7:08
  • I use query window or mapbasic window. my query as ROAD_NAME like "%[a-z][0-9]"
    – saroman
    Mar 30, 2022 at 10:43

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It looks like you are looking to use Regex in your expression.

There are a few ways to do this depending on your version of MapInfo Pro:

  • v2021: Has built-in support for Regex via some new MapBasic functions, see the MapBasic v2021 post on the Precisely Knowledge Community
  • v17 or newer: You can use the WindowHelper tool that can be found on the MapInfo Marketplace. It has a number of custom functions that are published into MapInfo Pro
  • Old 32 bit versions: You can use the mbRegex from North Road but only through a compiled MapBasic application

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