QGIS doesn't recognize a GeoPackage ("invalid source"), DB Manager connects to the .gpkg but doesn't find the file ("file not found") when trying to open.

The software DB Browser for SQLite said:

Can't open the database file. Database disk image is malformed.

The project QGIS was closed regularly after saving everything.

How do I repair the corrupted .gpkg?

  • Maybe this helps stackoverflow.com/questions/18259692/…. Possible reasons for corruption sqlite.org/howtocorrupt.html
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A geopackage file (.gpkg) is stored as a SQLite3 database. What I found is that when you read/copy a geopackage when it's already in use (for example by connecting to it in QGIS) the database will be locked (read-only).

You'll experience the Can't open the database file. Database disk image is malformed error whenever you try to open a locked gpkg file.

In my case, the solution was to make sure the .gpkg wasn't in use anywhere else before reading/copying.

If you need to unlock a gpkg (sqlite3 database) - check out this SO thread: https://stackoverflow.com/q/151026/2550702

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