I would like to run GeoDjango (Django 1.4) with Postgis 2.0.

Whenever I try to run syncdb I get the following error for geographic fields:

Failed to install index for stores.Store model: 
operator class "gist_geometry_ops" does not exist for access method "gist"

I have found various online discussions about this, but no clear answers.

It sounds as though I need to create some indexes by hand... or perhaps there is a patch that can help, but I don't know how to add it.

Please could someone explain simply how to fix this error?

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GeoDjango 1.4 supports PostGIS 2.0 with too many workarounds to make it worth it.

Instead, install GeoDjango 1.5 beta which natively supports PostGIS 2.0 and switch to the official release next month.


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