I have a list of FeatureCollection of points in Google Earth Engine that I would like to merge into a single FeatureCollection, the documentation on merge says that one should make a collection of collections then use .flatten.

Note: If many collections need to be merged, consider placing them all in a collection and using FeatureCollection.flatten() instead. Repeated use of FeatureCollection.merge() will result in increasingly long element IDs and reduced performance.

But the API doesn't seem to provide a mechanism to turn a list of FeatureCollections into a single FeatureCollection. How can I do this?

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Simply call ee.FeatureCollection() with the list to convert it to a FeatureCollection. This works for any list of features or feature-like values (features, collections, images).

var listOfFC = ee.List([
  ee.FeatureCollection([ee.Feature(null, {'x': 1})]),
  ee.FeatureCollection([ee.Feature(null, {'x': 2})]),
  ee.FeatureCollection([ee.Feature(null, {'x': 3})]),
  ee.FeatureCollection([ee.Feature(null, {'x': 4})]),


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