I'm trying to use regex expression to label my layer in order to show the parcel number. Here is some examples of what i'm looking for :

From this "53042A0027/00M002", to "A27M/2"
From this "53042A2000/02A003", to "A2000A2/3"
From this "53042C0002/00_000", to "A2"
From this "53042G1257/00X000", to "G1257X"

EDIT (rules to consider) :

Copy the location 6 ==> "53042**G**1257/00X000" 
Then for location 7 to 10, add numbers after the first not null number ==> "53042A**2000**/02A003", "53042A00**27**/00M002"
Then copy location 14 if not equal to "_" ==> "53042A0027/00**M**002"
Then for location 12 and 13, addnumbers after the first not null number ==> "53042A2000/0**2**A003", "53042A0027/00M002"
Then for location 15 to 17, add "/" and all numbers after the first not null number ==> "53042A2000/02A00**3**", "53042A0027/00M00**2**"

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This function work like expected (at least for the 4 examples) :


The second 'regexp_replace' function (the one with the big regexp) defines eight groups (the values in brackets) that you can use to generate a new string, like explain by the next figure.

Rexep_replace example

The first 'regexp_replace' remove the slash / character when the new string when it is the last character (I can't do it in the same function).

  • It works perfectly fine ! Thank you :) If i want to add the symbol "^" before the group \\4 when the number is 1 to 9 how should i proceed ? Apr 8, 2022 at 13:37
  • This is usually possible with the conditional statement syntax, like here : regex101.com/r/Og9T8H/1 But this syntax does not work in qgis. I don't know if there is an alternative syntax in qgis.
    – Atm
    Apr 8, 2022 at 15:13

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