Is it possible to add subscripts or superscripts into a bar chart axis making in ArcMap?

I know that for labels the code is <sup>2</sup> or with sub. I'm using in the label bar chart but it didn't work.

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You can certainly put as superscript 2 in the title using the Windows character map application with a system font. A subscript does not exist in that font, but does in say Calibri, but that appears not to work in ArcMap.

That said have you used the Advanced Properties, may be you can access the sub\sup script that way?

I can't verify this as ESRI have broken this dialog in 10.7 (which is what I have) and don't appear to have fixed it for that version... Rubbish really.

  • I already looked up in Advanced Properties, but I didn't get any tool to sub/sup script. Well, thank you! Apr 6, 2022 at 21:23

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