I have a layer in QGIS of which some entities share the same geometry. As a result when I click on an entity, the result identification often shows several entities.

Is there a way to display the number of overlapping entities on the map ?

  • I might suggest looking into the labeling symbiology. You could create a new feature and sum the amount of entries that fall within the same location and then display that sum value with the symbiology.
    – Binx
    Commented Apr 7, 2022 at 14:25

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You can add a label that fetch and count identical geometries. Click the expression icon beside the label value box.

array_length(overlay_equals('New scratch layer',1))+1

Let's break it down:

overlay_equals('New scratch layer',1) : using the current geometry, look in the given layer for other geometries being identical. Return, in an array, the value 1 for each matching geometry.

array_length(): count how many identical geometries were found

+1: since overlay_equals ignores the current geometry, add 1 to count the source geometry.

enter image description here


Use the Identify Features Icon and click on a geometry - it shows you how many features there are.

Another possibility is to create a label that counts the number of identical features using this expression: array_length(overlay_equals( @layer, $id))+1

enter image description here

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