Working with the ArcGIS family v10.1 on Windows 7.

So, I have this vision for a GIS project that does the following:

  1. User opens up ArcGIS Explorer (ideally) or ArcMap (still fine), or I guess even an external website (least ideal) and loads in my project file.
  2. It pulls up this map I've made- let's say it's a shapefile of a city, with house/parcels linked to a database of information, like address, owner, year built, and number of windows.
  3. They either click one button or hit a hotkey and up pops a dialog box where they can enter, say, 1234 main street, and click ok.
  4. Then, without the user having to do anything, ArcExplorer/Map zooms to that parcel/house and also selects and displays, say, all other houses that intersect a circle with a diameter of 300 years, and outputs out a list of the houses in that selection circle. There's a lot more. but I just want to know if this is something that can be done. In the ideal it wouldn't take a ton of sophisticated coding; it doesn't really even need to be fully functional, just a proof of concept.

While writing this I've been looking around the internet, and it seems like ArcGIS engine is something I would need? Any way the above could be done without ArcGIS Engine?


Yes, you can create this as a ArcGIS Add-In using ArcObjects. Add-Ins elements (such as buttons) can be loaded into ArcMap (see creating custom button or tool walk through).

Coding wise your button click event will have to call a select feature procedure where you can link your text box value as the query filter where clause value. You can then use various ArcGIS Snippets to zoom to the selected feature, buffer the point, and select surrounding features based on spatial intersection.

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