I am trying to read and head all the data from geofabrik specific country using this code:

from pyrosm import OSM, get_data

df = get_data("country_name")


But I am getting this kind of error:

'str' object has no attribute 'head'

How can you simple read and then export data from downloaded osm.pbf file to CSV format for example?

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I think get_data actually downloads the data to your machine and returns the filepath of where the data is saved. So df here is actually a string filepath. You can check by doing print(df) to see what its like.

To read the data in try:

osm = pyrosm.OSM(df) # here df is the filepath you generated above

custom_filter = {'amenity': True}

data = osm.get_pois(custom_filter=custom_filter)

data is the one you want

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