I have been trying to snap points to a line layer (vertex or segment) but the "Snap Geometries to Layer" processing algorithm with behavior 3 supposed to do what I want

Prefer closest point, don’t insert new vertices.

(Snap to closest point, regardless of it is a node or a segment. No new nodes will be inserted.)

don't seem to work as supposed enter image description here

How am I supposed to snap the point to the middle of the line (the real closest point) using this tool ? or am I using the tool wrong and there is something I am not getting

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The behaviour of this tool is a bit tricky, indeed. So instead of snapping, better create the closest point on the line layer using QGIS expressions with Geometry generator or Geometry by Expression (see here for details):

        'lines',  -- name of your line layer

enter image description here

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    Thanks works great !
    – Kalak
    Apr 19, 2022 at 12:35

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