I am trying to calculate the distances using rnaturalearth.

kr =  ne_countries(returnclass="sf")
d = st_distance(kr[128,],kr) 

but the following error appear:

Error in s2_geography_from_wkb(x, oriented = oriented, check = check) :  
 Evaluation error: Found 3 features with invalid spherical geometry.  
 Loop 2 is not valid: Edge 175 crosses edge 178  
 Loop 1 edge 3 crosses loop 2 edge 1  
 Loop 2 edge 0 crosses loop 6 edge 3.
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    – Spacedman
    Apr 16, 2022 at 17:05

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The sf package tries to treat lat-long data as if it made up of great-circle segments connecting points, using spherical geometry. Most geo data is constructed treating lat-long data like its a flat geometry. Interpreting lines between points as curves or straight lines in lat-long space leads to errors like this.

You can switch off this spherical geometry handling with:

> sf_use_s2(FALSE)

And then the distance computation works:

> d = st_distance(kr[128,],kr) 
> d[,1:4]
Units: [m]
[1] 3404071.8 5985371.2  725718.3 3724227.7

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