I have an image in PNG format and bounding box coordinates (upper left, lower right). How do I georeference it using command-line interface tools such as GDAL (or Python if it is not possible)?

In the end, I want to open the PNG image in QGIS but NOT use QGIS to georeference it (because I need to create an automation script).

for instance, the image name is image.png and the bounding box is 53.1111876266,11.7303748998,55.5611387985,13.1036943879. What should I type in my terminal?

  • Possibly gdal_translate -co "WORLDFILE=YES" image.png output.png you might also need to use -a_ullr <ulx> <uly> <lrx> <lry>
    – nmtoken
    Apr 19 at 10:48
  • @nmtoken thanks this gives enough clue!
    – sutan
    Apr 19 at 11:27

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gdal_translate is the tool. the command below will take the image.png, assign/georeference based on the bounding box (upper left, lower right) coordinates, and create an .aux.xml which containes the georeferencing location. Use the -a_ullr attributes. Further, read the documentation.

C:/> gdal_translate image.png output_georeferenced.png -a_ullr 53.1111876266 11.7303748998 55.5611387985 13.1036943879 -a_srs EPSG:4326

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