I have many layers in a aprx file that need to have the path updated. I need to remove part of the string "UTARC." from the datasource path. Through Catalag View on ArcGIS Pro, when I type the new path, a green horizontal bar shows in the left side of the new path. Then when I click on "APPLY" ArcGIS Pro does not change the path! It only works if I go through Properties on the layer and change it manually.

I tried with a Python script and it does not work either. The script runs with no error but no change is made.

aprx = arcpy.mp.ArcGISProject(r"projectpath")
aprx.updateConnectionProperties("UTARC."," ")

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My first thought is that you're not replacing correctly, you're replacing 'UTARC.' with ' ' (a space). I'm guessing you might want this instead:


That should completely remove 'UTARC.' and not add a space.

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