Situation: I'm attempting to generate drivetime areas for a pedestrian walking network using Network Analyst in ArcGIS Pro 2.9. The walking network feature dataset has many lines from one feature class joined at vertices as well as endpoints. Before I build the network, I'm using the network dataset "endpoint" group connectivity policy.

Problem: When I generate the service area, I notice that lines that were snapped to vertices rather than endpoints are not included in the area. However, I can't change the connectivity rule to "any vertex," because there are bridges and overpasses in my network that aren't supposed to connect with the lines they pass over.

enter image description here

(Circled in red is one such example of a line that was snapped to a vertex or edge rather than an endpoint, and is not included in the service area.)

Should I find all lines that snap to vertices/edges rather than endpoints and split at those vertices? If so, how would I find those lines? Are there better solutions to this problem? I have not found a topology rule that helps me.

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I found that the approach that worked for me was to allow the initial network to connect anywhere segments intersected and then I used these network nodes to split all segments in the source dataset using Split Line at Point. Then I rebuilt the network only allowing connection at endpoints and tested. I then removed nodes at locations like bridges by dissolving those segments into a single segment again.

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