I performed an Unsupervised classification in GEE with 3 classes and exported the result to QGIS using:

  image: result_Unsupervised, 
  folder: 'Brazil', 
  region: ForestPlantation_Boundry,
  fileFormat: 'GeoTIFF'.

The map in GEE is shown perfectly with 3 colors,

enter image description here

however, when I open it in QGIS, I see this map:

enter image description here

The problems are that:

1: it did not get exported in the boundry of the region that I specified while exporting (which is the black square on the map)

2: the 3 classes are shown with green, blue, red colors and if I use Paletted/Unique values in the properties and classify it, the green color is not showing the classified class and is extended over all the map for no reason. So if I delete the green class, I remain with only 2 classes. SOmehow my third class is mixed with the background. Since in GEE, the map is showing perfectly as below, what am I doing wrong in QGIS?

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Your masked pixels will be 0 in your exported GeoTIFF. If you want to keep your green class as 0, you can pick a different value for your masked pixels with unmask().

image: result_Unsupervised.unmask(-1)
  • Thank you @Daniel Wiell. This line solved the problem and I accept this answer. For me to understand the process better, I will appreciate it you can explain a bit about why the masked pixels get exported as 0? I am not using any mask function here.
    – Paris
    Apr 26, 2022 at 13:15

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