I have a nodejs server which is connected to PostgreSQL database. I need to create a polygon by using coordinates JSON with fields. In the PostgreSQL database there is a default column as "geom". I tried to add in this column but I think syntax is different with JSON geometry. How can I create a polygon by this way?

coordinates: "34.26874524537533,35.56726640638707,0 34.26879192651798,35.56702498591847,0 34.26950518727496,35.56715326545641,0 34.26951725656846,35.56706234584355,0 34.27010825157995,35.56717295252424,0 34.26990692317912,35.56756882284464,0 34.26974649403571,35.56795560177618,0 34.26906223739066,35.56777705096091,0 34.26860721018177,35.56769205885733,0 34.26874524537533,35.56726640638707,0"
  const deedID = deed.id;
  const coordinate = deed.kml.coordinate; //coming from kml file by using xml parser
    `INSERT INTO mymap ("geom","deedID") VALUES (${coordinate},${deedID})`,
    (err, response) => {

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You are looking for ST_PolygonFromText. You need to modify your coordinates string beforehand. If you have z values you need to keep the third value (always 0 in your case), if not you need to pop those values.

// Keep the 0 values
coordinate = coordinate.split(" ").map(x => x.split(",").join(" ")).join(", ");

// Without the 0 values
coordinate = coordinate.split(" ").map(x => {
   const t = x.split(","); 
   t.join(" "); 
   return t
}).join(", ")

const sqlInsert = `INSERT INTO mymap ("geom","deedID") VALUES (ST_PolygonFromText('POLYGON((${coordinate}))'),${deedID})`
  • Hi, thank you so much for answer. Its worked but when added geometry by this way, in map there is a only a point not a polygon. How can i fix this ?
    – firstlord
    Apr 25 at 5:51
  • What type is your "geom" column? Apr 25 at 6:57
  • type is geomety
    – firstlord
    Apr 25 at 6:59
  • 1
    I guess you are using WGS84 / EPSG:4326 as CRS - so the type should be geography(Polygon,4326) Apr 25 at 8:33
  • 1
    its worked problem is solved. thank you so much^^ i changed type to geography
    – firstlord
    Apr 25 at 19:18

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