I have GPS data from some bike rides which I'd like to use to create a video overlay showing my position on a map at a given point in time. The plan is to find some library for Python or JavaScript which can render a map to be saved as an image and then use FFMPEG to create a video using each image as a frame.

I see Folium and Leaflet.js mentioned elsewhere, but Leaflet seems to require a browser for rendering and Folium is in turn built using Leaflet and uses Selenium to instrument a browser to render with Leaflet.

I've been able to do something similar with CARTOframes, though I haven't investigated fully enough to tell if it will suit this use case.

Are there any other good libraries to be aware of that can render GPS data to a map without requiring a browser?


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Unless you want complete automation, this might do the trick


Download QGIS

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