This is the info I want in a tile layer but I don’t know what URL to use.

Can someone explain how I can generate the URL for Leaflet?

I am trying to find mapserver urls for the following maps:


enter image description here

I believe arc-gis has the maps but I cannot find the actual tile urls to use.


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You need to use URLs for the WMS or WMTS links from the ArcGIS REST Services Directory pages.

Looking at https://gis.blm.gov/arcgis/rest/services/lands/BLM_Natl_SMA_Cached_without_PriUnk/MapServer

The WMS link is for the GetCapabilities response:


and you will need just the URL minus query parameters for Leaflet: https://gis.blm.gov/arcgis/services/lands/BLM_Natl_SMA_Cached_without_PriUnk/MapServer/WMSServer?

For WMTS you have two options depending on whether you want to use KVP or 'RESTful' options.

You need to look at the GetCapabilities response to get your options


KVP use: https://gis.blm.gov/arcgis/rest/services/lands/BLM_Natl_SMA_Cached_without_PriUnk/MapServer/WMTS?

'RESTful' use: https://gis.blm.gov/arcgis/rest/services/lands/BLM_Natl_SMA_Cached_without_PriUnk/MapServer/WMTS/tile/1.0.0/


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