I'm working with an externally-provided dataset, which is a 1x1km grid of the Brazilian Amazon.

Each grid cell contains information on the percentage covered by various land-covers e.g. 30% Pasture, 25% Forest, 10% Freshwater etc. However, due to the processing time, I'm looking to find a way to aggregate this into grid with larger cells, for example 10x10km, where each grid cell takes the average land-cover percentage for all of the 1x1km cells that comprise it. I'm sure that issues will arise from such a transformation - but could anyone please guide on how to go about doing this in QGIS?

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Step 1. Create a bigger grid 10*10 km using the "Create grid" tool with the following setting:

Grid type : 2 — Rectangle (polygon)
Grid extent : Calculate from layer : 1x1km grid of the Brazilian Amazon.
Horizontal spacing : 10 km
Vertical spacing : 10 km

Step 2. Apply the "Join attributes by location (summary)".


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