Is it possible to drag the scale on a Leaflet map ?

L.control.scale({'position':'bottomleft', 'metric':true,'imperial':false}).addTo(map);

I used this possibility for a wind rose with this code

north.onAdd = function(map) {
    var div = L.DomUtil.create("div", "info legend");
    div.innerHTML = '<img src="/gps/images/compas-120.png">';
    var draggable = new L.Draggable(div);
    return div;

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Yes , it's actually quite simple. Get the container of the scale control with the .getContainer() method and then make it draggable:

var controlScale = L.control.scale({'position':'bottomleft', 'metric':true,'imperial':false}).addTo(map);
var scaleContainer = controlScale.getContainer();

var draggable = new L.Draggable(scaleContainer);

I just applied your solution for the scale "Leaflet.GraphicScale" , it's also valid

var graphicScale = L.control.graphicScale({position: 'bottomleft', doubleLine:true, fill:true}).addTo(map);
var scaleText = L.DomUtil.create('div', 'scaleText' );
graphicScale._container.insertBefore(scaleText, graphicScale._container.firstChild);

var scaleContainer = graphicScale.getContainer();
var draggable = new L.Draggable(scaleContainer);

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