For example, I have a landcover raster and I want to use terra::plot to make a map.

test <- rast('test.tif')

enter image description here

The order now is "3,4,6,8". Now I want to reorder it to "3,4,8,6"

How can I do this?

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You do not include example data/code, but I am assuming this is a categorical raster. Something like this:

r <- rast(nrows=10, ncols=10)
values(r) <- sample(3, ncell(r), replace=TRUE)
levels(r) <- data.frame(id=1:3, cover=c("forest", "water", "urban"))

The categories follow the order of the IDs in the attribute table (unless you do plot(r, sort=TRUE)). It was not easy to change that, but with terra version 1.5.39 (currently the development version) you can now use the sort argument to change the order

plot(r, sort=c( "water", "urban", "forest"))

You can install the development version with install.packages('terra', repos='https://rspatial.r-universe.dev')

See here for SpatVector

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