How do you load data like this into QGIS?

 "href": "https://mapservices.crd.bc.ca/arcgis/rest/directories/arcgisoutput/Basemap/Basemap_MapServer/_ags_map47050197f6f7491b88c00c386e0c7d6a.png",
 "width": 400,
 "height": 400,
 "extent": {
  "xmin": 452274.18156210636,
  "ymin": 5351125.3209655574,
  "xmax": 460539.78142663941,
  "ymax": 5359390.9208300905,
  "spatialReference": {
   "wkid": 26910,
   "latestWkid": 26910
 "scale": 78099.999999999913

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For the Capital Regional District (CRD) Basemap you can use:


In QGIS you can use the ArcGIS Rest Services Connection.

enter image description here


It depend what you are trying to do. GeoJSON data can be added to QGIS by saving your data as a .geojson file and simply dragging and dropping the file onto the map canvas, but this must be geographic data. (See here for valid geojson files: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeoJSON)

In your case, you might not need to do that - you are able to load the image in the href link by:

  1. Saving the image to your computer > Dragging and dropping the saved image file into QGIS
  2. Going to the layer CRS settings for the new layer
  3. Setting a coordinate reference system for the new layer (in your case, 26910).

Workflow for adding png image to qgis

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