I am trying to set the null values of NDVI to zero for districts in Indonesia. However, when I export the table, the mean value for all districts come up as zero, which is not correct. Is there a way to correctly export the mean value for all districts, whilst setting the value of null to be zero? Here is my attempt at the code:

  var districtsindo = shp4.select('NAME_3'); 

 var water_district = Ndvi.reduceRegions({

function removegeo(feature) {
 var meanvalue=feature.get('mean')
 if (ee.Number(meanvalue).eq(null)){ 
   feature = feature.set({'mean': 0})
  feature = feature.setGeometry(null);
  return feature

 var water_district = water_district.map(removegeo); 

  description: 'Tablebydistrict',
  fileFormat: 'CSV'

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First, you need to read and understand this: https://developers.google.com/earth-engine/guides/client_server#conditionals

But it's better to not use a conditional at all here (ie: don't use ee.Algorithms.If, except as a last resort). Instead, you can get the value with a default and re-set it. (But you need to convert the feature to a dictionary first to use the get-with-default).

function removegeo(feature) {
   var meanvalue = feature.toDictionary().get('mean', 0)
   return feature.set('mean', meanvalue)

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