In trying to build a simple expression to sum data into clusters I've used the following statement:

sum('MTO heat map_Total','MTO heat map_Grouping')

The value 'MTO heat map_Total' is an integer shown here: Field attribute type

However the expression editor identifies the following error: String value instead of integer

I'm not overly skilled with the program (yet) and I'm sure there is something I'm overlooking. Any thoughts here?

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Single quotes ' are for strings, double " for fields. So you are trying to sum the strings 'MTO heat map_total' and 'MTO heat map grouping'. Change ' to " so QGIS understand you are referring to the fields

  • Or just skip any kind of quotes. You can refer to fields either using double quotes "field_name" or just the field's name: field_name. To avoid confusion, however, it can still be good to use double quotes.
    – Babel
    May 15 at 9:43

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