I'm very much hoping someone can help me with this, please. I have uploaded raster data from Digimap to use for maps for field sites for my research in the UK. The issue is that this map data use British National Grid coordinates (i.e OSGB36/British National Grid (EPSG:27700 I believe)) rather than, say, Lat/Long coordinates. This originally confused me as I was trying to upload point coordinate data that were lat/long rather than British National Grid (I didn't check this until earlier today, I just assumed they were lat/long for some reason). Unfortunately, even after converting the coordinates in the .csv file, I still cannot upload them as point coordinate data into QGIS, instead they come out as faulty/seemingly useless attribute tables.

Here are my data that I have been trying to upload, on a .csv file:

enter image description here

Here is the menu that I have been using to try to upload the data, but I'm not sure what to select, considering the fact that I just have one column of values (i.e the National Grid values):

enter image description here

Please, please let me know if there is any way I can upload these point coordinates as National Grid coordinates, rather than having to change my maps (which would present other issues, unfortunately, mostly due to liscensing constraints).


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The "NT 9791" format would be a 1km x 1km square. You can download shapefiles here: https://github.com/charlesroper/OSGB_Grids/find/master As for the 6-digit number, I don't know. enter image description here

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