I have a polygon the size of an office block in WGS84 coordinate system.

When I run h3.polyfill at resolution 15 it should return a large number of h3 res15 addresses whose centroids are contained in the polygon.

Instead it returns an empty set - why?

I am using h3-3.7.4 with python 3.9.6 on Windows 11.

import h3

geojson = {"type":"Polygon",

h3_res15_ids = h3.polyfill(geojson, 15)



I thought maybe the trailing point which equals the first point might be the problem, but removing it does not change the output.

The polygon is: enter image description here


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You need to use h3.polyfill_geojson(geojson, 15) or h3.polyfill(geojson, 15, geo_json_conformant=True)

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    Awesome thanks. Wish the documentation was a bit clearer...! Commented May 18, 2022 at 4:35

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