I'm trying to understand the implementation of the interplay of raster and vector data in PostGIS. In this article Coverage Concepts and PostGIS on the PostGIS wiki page the concept of vector and raster coverages is explained (and mentioned here by Pierre Racine FOSS4G 2010). This article is 11 years old and by going through the PostGIS 3.x documentation I could only rarely find the concept of coverages mentioned anywhere (only here very briefly). I could not find anything related that is more recent. Thus, I am wondering if this concept is still relevant / in use and if it changed - How and to what did the implementation of raster - vector calculation change? Secondly, I am wondering if I understood the concept correctly that fundamentally all calculations are between coverages whereas the actual vector/raster data is merely the data used in the background. Thus the raster -vector calculations work that seamlessly (?)

  • Are you interested in the concept of coverages in general, or just the how coverages are handled in PostGIS
    – nmtoken
    May 20 at 11:32
  • I am interested in both understanding the concept and understanding how it is then applied in practice
    – The dude
    May 23 at 8:09
  • One place to start would be: OGC Coverage Implementation Schema
    – nmtoken
    May 23 at 13:13


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