I have two files, a DEM and a .GPX. How can I mix the two files so that the .gpx is part of the DEM (in black and white), but rendering the color at an elevation 10m higher than the DEM?

The color of the .GPX should be set to black and white, lighter or darker depending on how high it is above the DEM.

I tried with Raster > Conversion but I cannot see the output.



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  1. Run Menu Raster > Conversion > Rasterize the line. Set the value for A fixed value to burn to 10 and define Output raster size units (either pixels or layer units) and set the resolution you want. Maybe convert the line to a projected CRS (as of now, you seem to use EPSG:4326).

  2. Use Menu Raster > Raster calculator to add the rasterized layer to the DEM.

Step 1: Rasterize enter image description here

  • The output of the step 1, is not correct. The lowest point is -3,40282e+38 and the highest +3,40282e+38. Is like empty... I cannot see the output.
    – Kaixo
    May 18 at 21:50
  • Hm - without seeing your date + project, it's difficult to say
    – Babel
    May 18 at 22:49
  • I updated the question with new screenshots. Thank you Babel :)
    – Kaixo
    May 19 at 5:33

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