In QGIS 3.22.5, is there possible to use polygons for the masking layer? I want to use numerous little polygons to mask lines (only layer which consists of lines).

In ArcGIS that works just by clicking the layers you want to use in "appearance -> masking".

For example in QGIS: labels can be created as masks which work fine.


enter image description here

I hope that picture in above explain what I'm looking for. Polygon (red) masking lines (black) and result is in right side picture.

  • If you create your "masking" polygons in their own layer, symbolize them as white with no outline and have that layer just above your lines layer in the layers panel, they should block seeing the lines.
    – johns
    Jun 1 at 12:54

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You are looking for the Difference tool:

Extracts features from the input layer that don’t fall within the boundaries of the overlay layer.


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