Here is my issue :

On a QField project, I have few layers depending on from each other. When "Compartment" is modified, then "ID" is modified and "Compartment value" receive a value (between 1 and 14).

When I add entities (points) one after the other, the form is working as expected. But, after adding an entity, if I select another layer and select again my first layer to add another entity, then the fields are already filled.

I don't know if this problem is due to a mistake from me, or an error from QField.

There is no problem on QGIS.

Here is a video of the issue : Video

And 2 test projects ; 1 on QFIELD, the other on QGIS. Project QField Project QGIS

Can't add a video directly on the post, everything is updloaded on Smash.


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This issue has been resolved. Developers from QField updated the application, something was wrong with the way widgets were functioning.

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