I created a project in QGIS with project CRS in EPSG:3857, packed it for Qfield with Qfield Sync plugin and saved it to my Android device. When I open the project there with Qfield and activate GPS, my position shows in a completely wrong place: northwest of Svalbard islands somewhere in the Ocean (see first screenshot below). I am, however, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Using other apps (like OsmAnd) on the same phone with same GPS receiver, I get the correct position. So the problem is obviously with Qfield.

If I zoom to my point layer an then zoom out, I realise that the points are way off the OSM basemap: see second screenshot below. My region of interest shows up, GPS position is somewhere down. When I pan to the GPS position (blue dot), I have to heavily zoom in to see the dynamic OSM basemap. So my point layer + the saved static raster basemap is completely wrong as concerns position and scale. So the problem seems to be connected with this one here.

I have no clue what went wrong. How to solve the problem?

My position as it appears when activating GPS. Zooming in to the blue dot does not help: enter image description here

Region of interest with the static raster OSM basemap, saved as gpkg file by the Qfield Sync plugin on the upper part; my position (blue dot) at the lower part. The dynamic OSM basemap (XYZ tiles) does not show as it is zoomed out too much: enter image description here

Zooming in the the GPS position does not solve the problem - it still shows a location NW of Svalbard: enter image description here


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What exactly caused the problem is still unclear to me, however, I found a solution by simply deinstalling and installing QField again. I use the same Qfield version as before (2.1.4), so there seems to be an issue with the updated Qfield version.

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    I had the same exact problem. Uninstalling and re-installing the android app fixed it. Nov 22, 2022 at 10:27

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