enter image description hereHow to find errors in polygons, such as likely gaps but not, but can't use the topology tool at ArcGIS, because the error results are not the error I want to find. So one polygon should overlap with the previous polygon, but even the polygon line shifts and separates with the previous polygon. More or less the picture as follows. enter image description here

  • so I've completed the topology in arcgis, and the 'must not have gaps' error results that I get don't match the results that should be. because one polygon should not move from the other polygon. Jun 8 at 6:10
  • Actually I want to find errors anywhere in the many polygons that I have, for example polygons that shift so that they are separated from the polygons next to them. I think a lot of polygons are shifting, but is there a way to detect separate polygons or polygons with errors from all the data I have? in addition to using the topology method? Jun 8 at 6:14
  • the one with the yellow dot should be connected to the polygon next to it, i just added a new photo Jun 8 at 6:27
  • 1
    You can try Integrate but backup your data before you do. The tool will modify it
    – BERA
    Jun 8 at 7:28
  • 2
    okey thank you for your consideration:) Jun 8 at 7:48


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