I want to generate a table of sites with GPS device conform position markers for field work and use the format 'Degree Minute with Suffix'. I see it is predefined in the 'Map Layout Grid' context to label map coordinates.

Map -> Grid -> 'Draw Coordinates' -> 'Degree Minute with Suffix'

Is there a possibility to use/access the grid labeling function for map grids within the field calculator context?

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    Nope. You can use transform() and to_dms() in order to achieve the desired result.
    – Erik
    Jun 8 at 7:22
  • Yup, works well can you provide an answer for vote up and closing the question?
    – huckfinn
    Jun 9 at 19:54
  • Feel free to answer yourself, time is in short supply for me currently.
    – Erik
    Jun 13 at 7:11


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