I am trying to make a new attribute field which will differentiate points, vector layer, which lie inside and outside of a polygon layer.

I tried like this:

    WHEN 'points_67ebb752_4208_4b2b_9b1d_419efb341ff3' IN 'polygon_D_e5a424dd_6e6f_447e_952a_44b4f0dd6f9a' THEN 1
    ELSE 2

Would something like this possible at all in a way that a layer is used to differentiate on another layer, position vise, so that end result are two different values on an attribute field of the first layer.

  • IN is used to determine whether a value is within a list of values (which is shown in the example in the field calculator).
    – Erik
    Commented Jun 8, 2022 at 9:30

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Try this:

if(overlay_within('polygon_D_e5a424dd_6e6f_447e_952a_44b4f0dd6f9a'), 1, 2)

It utilizes the overlay_within() and if() functions.

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