In QGIS, I have a column separated by comma (shown by column "lengths"). I want to sum up elements in it for each row. The column is a text field string.

attribute table


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You can use arrays in fieldcalculator for this:

  1. Turn the string into an array
  2. Iterate over the array and convert the string elements to an integer or double
  3. Build the sum (array_sum() available since QGIS 3.18)

To catch errors on invalid "numbers", you can use try():

  • I had an error while running it: Evaluation error in expression "array_sum(array_foreach(string_to_array("lengths",','),to_real(@element)))": Cannot convert '' to double Execution failed after 0.30 seconds
    – Eren E
    Jun 12, 2022 at 20:30
  • 3
    That means that at least one of the fields lengths is empty. Change the expression to convert such cases to NULL, keeping the expression by @MrXsquared otherwiese. Use this expression: if (lengths is NULL, NULL, array_sum (array_foreach (string_to_array ("lengths",','), to_real (@element))))
    – Babel
    Jun 12, 2022 at 20:39

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