In a map in a web application, I would like to illustrate distance along a path, like how it is done with the measure distance tool in Google Maps (see attached image).

Is there a way to do this in Mapbox GL JS?

Screenshot from Google Maps showing a polyline path with distance tick marks at regular intervals.

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    GIS SE is a site for focused Q&A, so you have to decide what framework you want to use/ask about: Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet or Google Maps, otherwise question is most likely to be closed as not compliant with the site policy.
    – TomazicM
    Jun 16, 2022 at 10:37
  • Thanks for the warning. This really is an open question, so maybe it isn't suitable for this site. However, I split it into multiple more focused questions. Jun 17, 2022 at 8:24


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