I'm having a bit of trouble with the syntax and some of the parameters for some functions in ArcPy (I'm completely new to it and struggle with the documentation quite a bit). Specifically, I'm trying to use the arcpy.Reclassify_3d() method in a Python script to change all of the range values in a slope map to a specific amount. I have 6 classes for each raster.

The idea I have is to create a function in Python called change_Range(raster) which will take in an object as a parameter, which will be the raster. Have the rasters appended into an array and then use a for loop in which the function is called for each object in that array.

Here's an example code I did in VSC to test my idea out. Think of it as pseudo code since it doesn't use the Reclassify method.

#import all necessary modules

#Represents the DEM raster/tile
class Raster:
    def __init__(self, range):
        self.range = range

ras1 = Raster(5)
ras2 = Raster(90)
ras3 = Raster(156)
ras4 = Raster(77)

#Array to store each raster
arr = []

#Append each raster

#Create function to set or reclassify ranges
def changeRange(ras_elem):
    #Reclassify ranges using arcpy.Reclassify_3d
    ras_elem.range = 3

for raster in arr:

#This is just to show that it is working

This sounds easy in my head but executing it with ArcPy is giving me a bit of trouble.


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