I am using ArcMap.

I have many mosaic datasets in a projected coordinate system and I would like to project them into another projected coordinate system (different datum), but without locating and projecting underlying/associated raster datasets into this new projection and add them to new mosaic datasets. Let's say the coordinate systems mentioned are GDA 1994 to GDA 2020 of Australia. Many ArcGIS help/blog pages related to mosaic datasets mention that if you define a coordinate system different than the associated rasters, these rasters will be projected on-the-fly (a rather costly operation).

However, suggested two options, (1) creating a Referenced Mosaic Dataset or (2) create a new mosaic dataset and add other mosaic set as raster of "Table" type, do not help at all.

I tried various raster types, e.g., RGB, binary, float, and also tried to re-calculate statistics, build footprints but had no luck.

My question is similar to mosaic dem with multiple coordinate systems and community.esri.com's changing-mosaic-dataset-spatial-reference. My fear is that it would come down to Vince's comment: Project, then mosaic. – Vince Dec 30, 2014 at 17:44. Any ideas what would be the problem?



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