It seems a pretty straightforward rule but I believe I am missing something simple. Let's say I have, in my attributes table, an attribute called "NumberOfFloors", with values between 1 and 35.

I am trying to add colours to the different objects (buildings) by creating rules in the following way:

 1 <= "NumberOfFloors" <= 3
 4 <= "NumberOfFloors" <= 6

And so on until reaching the highest building.

However, so far, it is displaying all the symbols on the colour of the highest value, represented by this rule 32 <= "NumberOfFloors" <= 35.

What am I doing wrong?

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Try rewriting your rules like this:

"NumberOfFloors" >=1 AND "NumberOfFloors" <= 3
"NumberOfFloors" >=4 AND "NumberOfFloors" <= 6
"NumberOfFloors" >=32 AND "NumberOfFloors" <= 35

This should work fine for integer values, such as number of floors in a building. However, if you want to include values between the integers, I would do something like this:

"NumberOfFloors" > 1 AND "NumberOfFloors" <= 4
"NumberOfFloors" > 4 AND "NumberOfFloors" <= 7
"NumberOfFloors" > 32 AND "NumberOfFloors" <= 36
  • Thanks a lot, Fezter. This, indeed, works. In case anyone is interested, I ended up also going for a more, perhaps, annoying way that also works. Creating individual rules for each number of floors, like this, and assigning the appropriate colour to each of them: "NumberOfFloors" = 18
    – Trikelians
    Commented Jun 21, 2022 at 17:39

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