I made a QGIS model in the modeler that cleans the layer and do some bufferes with some parameters that we enter. What I wanted is to execute this as a batch process where we select the layers we want and then the parameters are altomatically filled with the csv that I put (here the Buffer and the Regroup parameters) _ for me its still open where to put this csv.

Model that cleans, cuts and do buffer with the layers, in batch process CSV table with the name of the layers and the parameters to take (buffer distance and boolean for regroup)

I want to do this for many layers so the idea is not to do by hand.

The ideas that I had and I don't know how to do them are:

  • work somehow with the editor of the batch process (image 3)
  • put the csv table as entry in the model and try to link with the name of the layer or and id to use some values in the csv.

Batch process_ Calculate by expression _ Editor


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