I am having an issue concerning an update a coworker and I did on a point feature layer. We made a copy of the initial layer. He added new points to the initial layer and I added points to the copied feature. We are now looking to create a new layer with all the additions.

The merge tool doesn't seem to work, because all that does it merge all features (for instance, if his layer has 5 total features and mine has 5, the merged layer has 10 features). Essentially what is needed is an update function, which is available on ArcGIS Online but not ArcGIS Pro as I understand it.

I did solve this issue. What I did was create 3 separate layers,

  1. a feature layer of the initial data
  2. a feature layer of the data he added
  3. a feature layer of the data I added

And then merged all these features together. All relevant attribute data was preserved and the addition was cohesive and smooth.

But that process took some doing and was not efficient.

Does anyone know a more effective solution to this problem?

Looking to update an initial dataset with information from two separate people. on ArcGIS Pro NOT ArcGIS Online.

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    Using your original method, if you added a field in the original layer (e.g. Source) and attributed it (e.g. "original") then any new data added in the copies would have no source value (or you could use the person's name as the value for the new points) and these could be selected using that field and value, then copied and pasted into the other layer.
    – johns
    Jun 22 at 20:05


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